Foods rich in calcium

foods with calcium He calcium It is constituted as one of the most abundant minerals in the human body, since it makes up about three quarters of the body's mineral content.

As we already knew in our note dedicated to the calcium benefits , it is an essential mineral not only for the formation of bones and teeth (one of its functions precisely for which it tends to be a well-known and popular nutrient). It also participates in the synthesis of hormones, provides certain dynamics to the muscle in contraction, and also provides tone to the skin, among others.

In relation to the recommended daily amount of calcium recommended, the WHO recommends a consumption of 800 mg in adults, and 1,200 mg in growing children, pregnant women, lactating women and over 50 years.

Precisely for this reason, an interesting way to contribute to our body the recommended amount of recommended calcium, a very good option is to know which are the rich foods calcium . And, did you know that not only dairy products provide calcium?

Calcium content of the richest foods

Below we offer a complete table with information about some of the foods with a higher calcium content.

In this sense, we indicate the amount of calcium in food and drinks per 100 grams.

Fresh manchego cheese

475 mg

Sardines in oil

405 mg


243 mg


240 mg

Norway lobster

220 mg


218 mg


218 mg


155 mg

Dried figs

152 mg


148 mg


125 mg

Cow milk

120 mg

White beans

119 mg


114 mg

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