Prohibited foods in people with lactose intolerance

food-forbidden-lactose intolerance The lactose intolerance It is a very common eating disorder today. In fact, it is estimated that of many of the people who suffer from it, really only a few know for sure.

The lactose is the sugar of milk, which is broken down into two other simpler sugars (glucose and galactose), a process that is carried out by the small intestine thanks to the action of the enzyme lactase.

But when there is a lactase deficit , the lactose passes quickly to the large intestine without having decomposed before , starting to ferment and causing a series of symptom characteristics such as acidity and gases.

Hence, if you take milk causes some of these symptoms, we are probably lactose intolerant. But it has a solution: choose milk without lactose , which include all the benefits and properties of milk, but which have been eliminated lactose.

You should also pay special attention to the Prohibited foods in people with lactose intolerance , given that in the market we can find a great diversity of foods and food products made with milk. Take good note.

  • Milk and milk products derived : milk, milk shakes, fresh cheese, curd and products (yoghurts, custards, rice pudding, dairy desserts that do not need cold ...).
  • Potatoes : mashed potatoes and soups made or enriched with milk or milk.
  • Meats and derivatives : charcuterie (among which stand out sausages and commercial sausages).
  • Pastry and pastry : as cookies, biscuits, crepes, buns and pasta.
  • Fat : derived products such as cream, butter and margarines.

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