Food for the beach days: sandwiches and sandwiches

With the arrival of spring (Be careful with the spring allergies !), the good weather also arrives, and with it the desire to not wait for the summer and enjoy, for example, a good day at the beach.


As it happens in the majority of the occasions when for example we enjoyed a day of field or beach, sometimes we tend to eat anything and that's it, especially to not lose time of sun.

This can not be harmful as long as it is not done daily, although if you are following a weight loss diet or simply care about your figure, you can take a series of guidelines or tips to know what to eat on the beach days.

Beware of sandwiches

Many times we choose the simplest: to make a delicious sandwich or a sandwich . As we have said many times, this is not harmful at all, but the main precaution that must be taken is to know how to choose the filling, and what we use as a dressing (olive oil, tomato sauce, mayonnaise ...).

Regarding the filling with which we will prepare the sandwiches, we must indicate that the best choice is to opt for those low calorie foods , such as chicken breast, turkey or ham cooked lean, or vegetables such as thin slices of tomato , lettuce leaves or onion rings.

It is always better to opt for low calorie dressings ( light foods ), such as mayonnaise light, mustard, ketchup or light white cheese spread.

Of course, when it comes to bread, we can choose preferably whole or bran, although if we do not like this type of bread or we do not have it on hand, a good choice is also to opt for bread.

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