Flavonoids: benefits and properties

The flavonoids they are essential nutrients for our organism, since they contain a great diversity of benefits and especially suitable nutritional properties within a healthy and healthy diet.

flavonoid benefits

The best way to provide flavonoids to our daily diet is from the follow-up of a balance diet , opting above all for fruits , since your skin are especially rich in these essential nutrients.

For this reason many nutritionists advise consuming the fruit with skin, as long as they have previously been thoroughly washed.

Antioxidant benefits

Flavonoids provide antioxidant properties , thanks to its richness in vitamin C, which means that they help eliminate or reduce the effects of free radicals in our body.

Thanks to these antioxidant benefits flavonoids help in the prevention of cancer, as well as other diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases by improving circulation and provide an interesting tonic effect on the heart .

Help reduce cholesterol

In case of high cholesterol Flavonoids also help in reducing them naturally, thanks to the fact that they prevent fat from accumulating in the arteries.

To these benefits we must add another similarly related: it prevents the formation of thrombi in the blood vessels, improving in turn the resistance of the capillaries.

Good for the liver and stomach

Thanks especially to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, flavonoids are interesting when it comes to caring for and protecting both the liver and the stomach.

Remember that to enjoy the different Benefits of flavonoids , always the best option is to eat the fruit with skin, but previously washed.

Image | Jon Hansen

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