Fangotherapy: benefits and virtues for health

Fangotherapy-benefits In previous articles we have spoken to you about a variety of therapies or techniques that are totally natural, healthy and healthy that allow you to enjoy a beauty and a much healthier health: wine therapy , chocolaterapia and the alga therapy .

But when we talk about healthy and natural beauty techniques or sessions, that allow you to enjoy a more nourished and hydrated skin, you will surely have come to mind the so-called fangotherapy .

As the name suggests, the fangotherapy It is a technique that involves wrapping the body with mud, clays and mud to absorb the different toxins that the body has accumulated, while providing minerals.

Fangotherapy for health

As we have briefly indicated in the previous lines, it is understood as fangotherapy to the technique in which the body is wrapped with clay, mud and mud.

In this way, they absorb the different toxins that our body has accumulated, while providing them with certain necessary minerals, important and important for the organism.

With regard to the clays or mud to be used, currently the most common are kaolite or white, red and green.

Benefits of mud therapy

Between the benefits of mud therapy most outstanding and interesting, we find the following:

  • Absorbs toxins from the body, helping its elimination.
  • Facilitates cell regeneration.
  • Combats fatigue and helps relaxation.
  • Purifies and nourishes the skin.

All this means that the skin will be, after the session of mud therapy , much more healthy and soft, as well as young and hydrated.

Price of the mud therapy session

Unlike other natural therapies, which tend to be more or less expensive, the session of mud therapy It is characterized by being less expensive, since it tends to leave around 30 euros approximately.

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