Exercises to relieve torticollis

exercises-torticolis The stiff neck is an inflammation of the cervical nerves, which may have a congenital origin (present at birth, due mainly to a poor position of the fetus), or develop both in children and adults due to damage to the nervous system, or simply by a totally temporary muscle damage (becoming one of the most common causes).

Although it is true that the discomfort that may occur tend to be very variable depending on the person and the cause that originates it, it is usually normal for the muscles of the neck to feel stiff, and that the individual can not perform certain movements.

Following the prescribed treatment or prescribed by the doctor is always one of the best options. Although there are also certain Exercises to relieve torticollis which can be very useful.

Exercises to relieve torticollis

1. First, try to do a lateral stretch.

2. To do this, you can start slowly and very slowly to try to touch the shoulder with the ear, with each shoulder and each ear.

3. It is essential that the exercise be done slowly and without straining the neck muscles.

Four. Now, rotate from left to right, but stop at the center.

5. Finally, bend the neck forward, trying to hold on a bit.

You can repeat these exercises several times throughout the day, so you can feel some improvement.

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