Exercise to lose extra kilos

exercise-slimming He exercise , practiced regularly at least three times a week (and for 30 minutes a day), is essential when you want to enjoy a good health .

There are several benefits of the exercise , especially in the one we find in the one that is practiced on a regular basis each week, and at the right time and time. Not in vain, not only is it useful to take care of health, but also to lose weight and lose weight.

In what precisely refers to the exercise to lose weight more suitable and interesting, highlighting aerobic activities such as riding a bike, dancing, running or walking.

Exercise to lose weight

When it comes to practicing exercise to lose weight , especially that which is practiced mainly with this basic objective, it is advisable to follow a series of guidelines or basic questions:

  • The exercise should last 30 to 60 minutes, since after half an hour we start to burn fat. Therefore, it is best to try to dedicate a minimum of 45 minutes in a row to physical exercise.
  • It is best to exercise at least three days a week. In case you can more days, well even better.
  • Do not forget to never drink enough water after finishing the exercise. In this way you will replenish the liquids that you have lost during the same (eye, do not confuse liquids with burned fats, they are very different things).
  • And as it can not be less, it is essential stretch before and after exercise .

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