The eucalyptus, ideal for the affections of the respiratory system

He eucalyptus It is an ornamental tree of great size originally from Australia, although it was introduced in Europe at the end of the last century, in order to clean up the different marshy regions of the continent.

Both in medicine and in Phytotherapy , only the leaves of the globulus species are used, especially for their antiseptic properties in the respiratory tract.

Its leaves, which are very fragrant, are rich in an essential oil in which eucalyptol, a mucolytic that helps to fluidify the pulmonary secretions, thus favoring its expulsion.

Inhibits the bronchial irritation in the chronic and acute bronchitis being antitussive, also possessing a good and clear actibacterial activity.

Precisely because of everything indicated, we can end this note indicating that the eucalyptus is recommended to treat, therefore, the respiratory system infections , since its essential oil is eliminated, for the most part, by the pulmonary route.

Eucalyptus, ideal against colds and flu

There is no doubt that if there is a ideal plant against flu and colds that's him eucalyptus , a medicinal plant advised for a good number of respiratory system infections , since it has an essential oil that for the most part is eliminated by the pulmonary route.

  • Diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Especially indicated for sinusitis, bronchitis, constipation and tracheitis.
  • It is antitussive, antiseptic, antibacterial and mucolytic.


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