Escherichia coli bacteria found in Ikea cakes

bacteria-pies-ikea China's health authorities have seized nearly two tons of chocolate cakes imported from Sweden by Ikea after finding high levels of bacteria commonly found in the human intestinal tract.

It seems that the problems accumulate for Ikea, a multinational that just a few weeks ago was forced to remove their meatballs for containing horse meat .

According to the Shanghai Daily newspaper, high levels of coliform bacteria have been found in a shipment of chocolate and almond cakes, which has led authorities to confiscate and destroy 1.87 tons of this dessert.

The shipment arrived in Shanghai from Sweden in January of this year, but it was not until this week when the news was made after certain health analyzes were carried out.

What are the bacteria Escherichia coli?

Known as coliform bacteria, or intestinal intestinal bacteria Escherichia coli , are organisms that are found in the intestinal tract of people, warm-blooded animals and in certain areas of human populations.

Although the vast majority are harmless, certain types can lead to diseases, and cause diarrhea, which can sometimes be hemorrhagic and cause kidney failure.

A form of acquiring infections by this bacterium can occur after consuming foods that contain it. Therefore, it has been decided to stop the sale of the affected products.

Precisely in certain health analyzes bacterial indicators are used to check the quality of both food and water. And in those analyzes, excessive levels of these bacteria were discovered, by exceeding the limits.

What are the affected products of Ikea?

Apparently the affected products are the popular cakes or chocolate and almond cakes from Ikea, which in our country and in the rest of the world are called TÅRTA MÖRK CHOKLAD .

Ikea cakes

According to Ikea, it seems that our country has not been affected by the arrival of contaminated lots. But as it is evident and many consumers will think, like to return to eat in an Ikea establishment ...

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