Escarole: benefits and properties

escarole benefits The endive It is a delicious food, ideal for example in the preparation of wonderful and healthy salads, thanks to its interesting refreshing power (due to its water content) and its low caloric intake. In fact, about 95% of its composition is water, hence it is a light but satiating food because of its fiber content.

It belongs to the family of Asteraceae , a group that usually needs cold climates in order to grow. Therefore, it is at this time of year when we can mostly find them in the market.

Nutritional benefits of escarole

From a nutritional point of view, as indicated at the beginning of this note, escarole stands out for its high water content; about 95% of its composition is.

In addition, it is also especially rich in minerals and vitamins, in addition to other components:

  • Minerals: among the most interesting minerals we can highlight calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and sodium.
  • Vitamins: vitamins include vitamin A, C and B vitamins (such as vitamin B1 and B2, riboflavin, tianine and niacin).
  • Other nutrients: ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, and folate.

Taking into account its nutritional composition, there is no doubt that we are faced with a food that is at least extremely healthy, and especially suitable within a healthy and balanced diet.

Its low caloric and fat content is useful in weight loss diets, thanks also to its contribution in fiber, which improves intestinal transit and is a positive food for the health of the digestive system. In addition, it is a diuretic vegetable and slightly laxative.

It helps strengthen the defenses, being positive for the immune system. In addition, it is able to strengthen bones, teeth, hair and protect the eyesight.

escarole properties

Nutritional values ​​of escarole


12 kcal.


1.7 g.


0.9 g.


0.2 g.


1.3 g.





Vitamin A

333 mg.


68 mg.

Vitamin C

10 mg.


54 mg.

Vitamin B1

0.06 mg.


13 mg.

Vitamin B2

0.10 mg.


320 mg.

Images | daniel.julia / Brocco Lee

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