Enjoy a clean face

Many are the experts who recommend using makeup shorten the type of skin that each person has, and even make some other test that helps to know if it is allergic to makeup to some specific ingredient contained in these creams and powders.


But to enjoy a healthy and clean face , one of the best recommendations that can be given is that of clean the skin every day with cleansers or cleansers, regardless of whether we have made up or not.

They can be used gels, foams, milks or tonics (to mention just a few examples), and in this way we will be able to finish both the impurities and the excess of sebum, and you will also eliminate the remains of makeup in case, if I am allowed redundancy, you have made up.

But to achieve a pure and healthy face, one should - at least - clean the face twice a day, especially in the morning to remove the secreted fat while we sleep (and refresh it), and at night to remove the remains of makeup and the impurities.

In this way not only eliminate the different impurities that affect the skin of each, but will help improve the health of the skin, even delaying the aging itself.

Remember to also drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and maintain a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fruits, as it will help in turn to maintain good health in the skin, keeping it hydrated and with an aspect certainly enviable.

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