How to purify the body to eliminate toxins naturally

How to purify the body by eliminating toxins

There are simple tips and tricks that can help you eliminate toxins , especially when for different health reasons, we want debug Our organism. Experts recommend that, at least once a year, we conduct or carry out a depurative diet in order to eliminate all the toxins from our body, and help the body to be purified in a totally natural way.

As you know, in order to maintain a healthy and healthy life it is essential to maintain a healthy diet daily, rich in vegetables and fruits, and at the same time be balanced. However, if for example you want to purify your body to eliminate toxins, there are a series of recommendations and basic tips that will help you.

What are the toxins and why do they accumulate in our body?

The toxins consist basically of some lipopolysaccharides (proteins), waste, negative compounds and impurities that our body does not need, and that enter our body in very different ways, and from different and very diverse sources.

We find toxins in many places. We find them present in the air we breathe, in tobacco, in alcohol, in preservatives and certain chemical additives, in medicines, and even in the foods that we consume every day (especially in foods and food products that have been processed from industrial way, or that contain chemical compounds).

Toxins accumulated in the body

Therefore, although it is quite normal that toxins tend to find in our body, the problem comes when the toxins accumulate excessively . It generates an increase in stress inside the cells, which makes us sicker, we have a higher risk of suffering certain diseases and health disorders, and we tend to feel short of energy.

In addition, situations of stress that become chronic tend to cause a very dangerous increase in the accumulation of these toxins. It is when there is an increase in the one known as oxidative stress , which translates into an increased risk of suffering from chronic diseases, in addition to an acceleration of premature aging.

How can we purify our organism every day in a natural way?

Luckily, we can cleanse our body easily and every day, following a healthy lifestyle, based on the regular practice of physical exercise (avoiding sedentary lifestyle), maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, and away from stress, the anxiety and nervousness.

A good idea is to eat at least four times a day, in small amounts, and eat something less than what the body needs; the objective is to stay full, but not to eat more than necessary.

Taking lots of fruits, vegetables and greens helps to purify our body, as well as not eating foods rich in fats, carbohydrates and fats.

A better option is to opt for steamed, cooked, boiled or grilled foods, than to eat chips, as well as opt for lean meats and white fish .

To know also what foods or liquids can help us in the purification is an even better idea, since they exist depurative juices or plants that will help you eliminate toxins .

But above all, there is a very simple question that should be taken into account: eating more than our body requires is a negative action, since not only do we not help our body burn fats, nor do the digestive system perform a correct digestion, but we force our liver and stomach, and do not give time to properly eliminate all toxins.

Purifying foods

Symptoms that indicate that we need to detoxify our organism

Although it is very useful and recommended to try to purify our body several times a year (it is advisable to do it at least twice a year), there are a series of symptoms that can alert us that, in reality, our body has an excess of toxins and we need put the batteries to eliminate them as soon as possible.

However, there are certain symptoms that can help us to discover if there is an accumulation of toxins in our organism, and if above all we need to purify and eliminate them. They are the following:

  • Fatigue and fatigue: It is one of the most obvious signs. For example, it is a clear symptom of accumulation of toxins when we rest well at night but by day we are very tired, and it is hard for us to do things normally. In addition, it is also common to feel pain in the muscles and joints.
  • Bad breath (halitosis): There are people who have a greater predisposition to suffer from halitosis, and does not mean that we have a problem of accumulation of toxins. The same happens when the bad food appears after having ingested a certain food. However, sometimes, especially when bad breath appears suddenly and does not go away with the passing of days, it can be a sign that our liver and colon are overloaded.
  • Constipation: Constipation-occasional or chronic-is a common cause of toxin accumulation. You know why? Mainly because when the feces spend a lot of time in contact with the mucosa present in the intestines, the growth of bacteria is stimulated, and therefore the final production of toxins.
  • Skin reactions: When there is an accumulation of toxins the health of our skin also suffers. It is common to have swollen eyes or the appearance of acne (pimples).

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