Effects of dehydration on intellectual and cognitive performance

hydration On many occasions we have told you about the importance of following a correct daily hydration; or, what is the same, consume every day the amount of fluids that our body needs to function correctly.

As many health experts say, most of our body is water, and the liquids we drink every day help our body to perform all those vital and fundamental functions for life: it helps us eliminate toxins and waste, stimulates the correct metabolic functioning, improves the functioning of the kidneys, and also prevents infections.

But, did you know that also one of the main water benefits Do you have a special relationship with enjoying optimal cognitive and intellectual performance?

Dehydration impairs intellectual performance

Recently the magazine Journal of the American College of Nutrition public Cognitive performance and dehydration , directed by the professor and doctor Ana Adan, of the University of Barcelona, ​​whose study addressed how the lack of fluid replacement (dehydration) affected different cognitive and intellectual activities.

And, precisely, as the study found, the changes in the body electrolytes and in the amount of salts that cause dehydration tend to alter the proper functioning of various neurotransmission systems involved and involved in cognitive processing and in the own brain activity.

And what does that mean? Basically, dehydration, or taking an insufficient amount of fluids every day, favors the loss of concentration and lower performance.

Tips to increase your fluid intake every day

Most experts advise and recommend consuming approximately 2 to 2.5 liters of liquid per day, which come from both food (20-25%) and drinks and liquids (80%).

Attention must also be paid to the loss of fluids produced by the practice of physical activity, moments in which the consumption of liquids must be even greater.

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