Echinacea for influenza: properties and benefits

The Echinacea it was a plant certainly familiar to the Indian aborigines of North America, and they used it to treat snake bites and wounds. In fact, she is from the western part of the United States. With regard to its own production, its root is harvested in the spring after 4 years of cultivation, and as many specialists in Phytotherapy , contains a very diverse amount of active ingredients with immunostimulating properties.

It is known scientifically with the names of Echinacea angustifolia , as Echinacea purpurea Moench or like Echinacea pallida . Be that as it may, this is the reason why it also tends to be habitually known as echinacea . Although it is equally common to find it with other names, such as purple flower of the prairie or conical flower of the meadow. It belongs to the family of Compositae (Compositae), and grows mainly in sandy terrains, hills and grasslands.

Do you know the properties of echinacea for influenza?

We must bear in mind that gender Echinacea It actually comprises a whole set of plants belonging to the family of the composite, which is why its appearance sometimes reminds daisies. However, they are easily distinguishable by their striking color comprising pink and lilac colors.

Benefits of echinacea for flu and colds

The Echinacea It has a large number of constituents and active ingredients that act together to oppose the unwanted invaders, improving the immune defense, and helping increase defenses .

It contains polysaccharides that protect the cells from viral aggressions, diverse elements with anti-inflammatory effects and alcamides with both antifungal and bacterial properties.

These principles, therefore, act in a special way increasing the number of white blood cells, while promoting the synthesis of interferon, an essential molecule in the process of immunity.

Not in vain, several studies have come to demonstrate their immunostimulating activity in different conditions related to immune deficiency or weakness.

Increase defenses naturally

Echinacea becomes an excellent natural option when it comes to increasing our defenses , since it stimulates the natural immunity of our organism by increasing both the number and activity of white blood cells.


In addition, it acts as an antibacterial, antiviral and immune system enhancer, hence it is tremendously useful when we have a cold, aggravated or need to strengthen our immune system against recurrent infections. Therefore, it is equally suitable for reinforce the resistance of people prone to colds .

Improves the symptoms of flu and colds

When the echinacea is taken as a decoction, tincture, capsules or pills when we are already caught or colds, the truth is that helps us recover faster , helping to reduce the symptoms and the most common discomforts of these two conditions.

How to take echinacea and for how long?

To enjoy its anti-flu benefits it is advisable to Take it between 1 to 3 months from the beginning of winter , which will help when it comes to preventing recurrent infections, and even as prevention when our body is under stress, or in conditions of both physical and mental weakness.

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