Drink alcohol at Christmas

consumption-alcohol-christmas Surely you will know that drink alcohol It is a very little recommended practice, especially for those people who want to maintain a healthy and healthy lifestyle.

Above all they are drinks that are not recommended for all those who want to lose weight, mainly because the alcohol It is one of the most caloric drinks that exist.

But with Christmas at the door, and with so many dinners, lunches and meals that lie ahead, it is certainly difficult to opt for a healthy christmas , since there are many Christmas recipes , the Christmas desserts and the drinks we can drink during this beautiful time of year.

Therefore, it is not only inevitable drink alcohol at Christmas , which is why the symptoms and ravages of what we popularly know as drunkenness , and that does not come to be alcohol poisoning .

Beware of the alcohol you drink at Christmas

While it is true that when we celebrate parties tend to drink something more, when Christmas comes it seems that the amount of alcohol we drink multiplies.

When you suffer from alcohol intoxication, you usually lose a lot of fluid, and the hangover tends to occur because our body asks for large amounts of water.

In this sense, you should try to drink plenty of liquid, as well as many fruits and vegetables that replenish our body of the lost liquid, at the same time that we opt for nutritional supplements of vitamin B12, which helps us to eliminate the different residues of alcohol.

Remember that alcohol is very bad for health, especially if we drink excessively. It may appear what is known as fatty liver , at the same time it can become difficult eliminate fat in the liver .

Try to take as little as possible, or at least choose to drink one or two glasses of wine, which may even be recommended for our body.

Of course, always remember that if you drink do not drive.

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