Do you know how to sound your nose well? Possibly you are doing it wrong

We are suffering from an allergy, a cold or a cold, we have a lot of mucus and the infection in turn tends to irritate our nose. What do we do? Very simple: we take a handkerchief or a napkin and we sound with the purpose of providing some relief by cleaning the nasal passages, thanks to this act as common as simple and everyday.

But, did you know that it is quite possible that you are not doing it all right? What's more, you're probably surprised to discover that even an act as normal as blowing your nose has its own technique, especially to do it properly and not suffer its consequences.

How to blow your nose correctly

Because, effectively, sounding bad and improperly can be risky , although it may seem a bit amazing to you at the same time surprising.

What are the consequences of blowing yourself bad?

It is quite possible that When you sound comets, the mistake of covering both nostrils . However, as we will see in the next section, it is best to do so by first blocking one and then the other.

If we do it in the wrong way, we end up having a bad nose, and the result could be even worse than expected: not only do we not expel those annoying snotles from the organism, it ends up provoking sinusitis if the accumulation of secretions is in the highways as a result of poor drainage; or one pneumonia or bronchiolitis if those same secretions accumulate in the lower respiratory tract.

But sounding bad not only produces the aforementioned respiratory conditions, since they can also end up causing rhinitis, pharyngitis and otitis .


How to sound correctly?

There are a series of basic recommendations that can help when sounding correctly. Take good note.

1. Use a physiological serum before and after sounding

The physiological serum or seawater They are especially useful to help you expel mucus better , especially if it has hardened inside the nose.

Therefore, before you sound - and whenever you can - try to sprinkle first one side of the nose with this physiological serum, and then do the same with the other. Wait at least a minute and be careful, also first on one side and finally on the other.

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On the other hand, it is equally useful to end up with a nasal wash . For example, you can use the same physiological saline or sea water, and put it by cocking the head to the right and pour the liquid into the left nostril, and then vice versa.


2. Feel in a delicate way

Avoid above all sound yourself exercising a lot of force because you can generate a lot of pressure and make the mucus go to the nasal sinus ducts, spreading the infection.

Therefore, the most appropriate thing in the first place is sound delicate and as gently as possible. Maybe you think that if you do it like this you will not get all the mucus you could get out if you did it with more force, but both your nose and your ears will thank you (because there is also the risk that the mucus reaches the middle ear ).

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3. Do it one side only each time

If you tend to sound on both sides at the same time you may also make the mistake of covering both nostrils even if you do not realize it.

Although you may think that this will help the mucus and secretions to come out better when leaving on both sides, the reality is very different: It is much better to sound each nasal passage separately , thus avoiding always doing both together.


As we can see, there are three basic tips that are really easy to follow, which both our nose and our ears will thank us very much when it comes to practicing them.

Why? For something very simple: you will manage to expel both mucus and secretions better, and also prevent possible infections and other respiratory pathologies by keeping the nose clear.

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