Do not miss any kiss for cold sores

Who does not like a good kiss? But it can happen that, on some occasions, some condition prevents us from enjoying it as we really should. Knowing it very well, Zovicrem (the antiviral cream developed by GSK Laboratories) has just launched the campaign 'BeS.O.S, rescue them, distribute them' , so you can not miss a kiss this summer.

The objective of this campaign? Raise awareness about herpes labialis , demonstrating that although it is "annoying" with a "minimal" care and the "speed" of its treatment can lead a perfectly normal life.


For this, we are facing an interesting interactive campaign where the user is the scriptwriter of one of the romantic stories that the brand offers us, in order to know what not to do or say in real life so that they do not leave us without any kiss . And if you miss it, it's not for cold sores.

To participate you just have to press 'Start' on the YouTube video, choose one of the characters (He or She) to live the situation virtually. You could start directing him by being the scriptwriter of what he has to say and do in each moment.

In this way, Zovicrem offers an open story with a wide variety of options, which provide the possibility that the story may or may not change depending on the responses of each one. In this way, there are situations where kisses can be given or lost.

If you want to know more, we leave you with the video of the campaign below:

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