5 depurative plants against liquid retention

What is the retention of liquids and why is it produced?

We have all suffered from fluid retention at some point in our lives. It is even quite likely that you are suffering right now: we feel the legs and / or thick hands, with annoying and uncomfortable cramps all over the body, and we also tend to feel weak and fatigued.

The truth is that fluid retention is a more common condition than you think. Medically known also with the name of edema , basically consists of a excessive accumulation of fluids in tissues . Alleviate the retention of liquids with depurative plants Photo: PeopleImages / Istockphoto

Its causes? In fact, they tend to be very varied, so that the edema can be both pathological and non-pathological, so that differentiating its causes is fundamental for the prescription and administration of the most appropriate medical treatment. In addition, other secondary related conditions will be prevented and avoided.

Among the pathological causes we can mention some more or less serious conditions, such as, for example, the congestive heart failure determined kidney or liver diseases , or because circulatory problems (the most common and common cause).

On the other hand, it can also be caused by a simple dilation of the veins . This cause -not pathological- tends to be more common during the summer months, when temperatures are higher.

  • Fluid retention: causes, foods to avoid and remedies

Purifying plants useful against the retention of liquids

There are a series of depurative plants that can help against fluid retention , not only when debugging our body, but because they dehull it, thus avoiding the annoying symptoms associated with it.

However, there are a number of medicinal plants and depurative plants that can solve and help against fluid retention problems. Depurative plants for the retention of liquids Photo: Madeleine_Steinbach / Istockphoto

They are not all, but then we make a brief summary of the most interesting and useful plants to purify our body and fight against fluid retention:

  1. Horse tail: It is probably one of the most recommended and popular plants in the natural treatment of edema or fluid retention. This is due to its tremendous diuretic action, which combines perfectly with its astringent and regenerative qualities.
  2. Mistletoe : This depurative plant is capable not only of increasing the production of urine, but of helping in the elimination of toxic substances that we find in the organism, such as uric acid and urea.
  3. Parsley As we will see in detail in the future, this plant can be an excellent ally to combat fluid retention, given that it has a high content of mineral salts, flavonoids and essential oils.
    These substances help in the rapid detoxification of the organism through urine, and reduce inflammation of the abdomen, feet and legs.
  4. Anise : It is highly recommended especially in women, since it is ideal when there are hormonal imbalances caused by the menstrual cycle. This is because it helps to regularize the menstrual cycle, in the case of suffering interactions.
  5. Red Arenaria : This plant is a very special source of mineral salts, such as potassium , and in turn is rich in coumarins and flavonoids.

Other useful tips to help you with fluid retention

In addition to opting for some of the depurative plants on which we have spoken in the previous lines, there are also a series of tricks, tips and habits that you can easily follow in your day to day, and that will help you in a very positive way to the Time to prevent or relieve the most annoying symptoms of excessive fluid accumulation in your body. Take note:

  • Make some changes in your diet: Reduce the amount of salt you consume daily in your diet, in addition to reducing or limiting the consumption of foods that may have an excess of salt as is the case of sausages, smoked and pâtés. The preserves and the soups of envelope are not adequate either. Also avoid smoked, canned or salted fish.
  • Do you spend a lot of time standing ?: It is very important to try not to spend a lot of time standing, especially if you are in a closed place, with little ventilation, and where it is also hot. This way, if you avoid it, you will get blood to circulate better through your veins. However, if you usually work standing up, a useful advice is to try to rest and sit whenever you can, trying to keep your legs up.
  • Whenever you feel you put your legs up: In this way you will prevent blood from accumulating in your legs, especially if you are prone to suffer from fluid retention.

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