Digestion cut

cut-digestion Now that the good weather starts, and especially the number of people who start to go to the beach or the pool tends to be greater, it is essential to know not only How to protect the skin from the sun (at the same time that this gives us to avoid sunburn ), but what is the digestion cut .

He digestion cut is also known or referred to as the blow of water or syncope by hydrocution , and although it can occur at any time of the year, it is in summer when more cases tend to occur.

What are the main ones symptoms of digestion cut ? How to prevent it?.

Digestion cut, what is it?

He digestion cut It is the loss of knowledge due to the sudden impact of our body with cold water. For this reason, it also tends to be known as the blow of water , or syncope by plunge .

Although it does not tend to be very frequent, because it can lead to cardiac arrest, and with it death, it is essential to know what it consists of, why it occurs, and above all how to prevent it.

How is the digestion cut?

He digestion cut It is considered to be a very extreme manifestation of the so-called "reflection by immersion", that is, the reflection that always appears when the person puts his or her head under water. But because there is a sudden impact of our body with water, this manifestation is much more extreme, and may even cause cardiac arrest.

Symptoms of digestion cut

  • Headache.
  • Dizziness
  • Sickness.
  • Fading.

Of course, the digestion cut it should not be confused with the indigestion .

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