Cream cheese with walnuts for toasts

Cream cheese and walnuts recipe

The pronounced phrase "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" has already gone down in history, as we know today that breakfast is important but not enough to give it an exclusive protagonism and determine that it is essential to start the day.

Many people do not eat breakfast before leaving home and do so hours later while working at the time of rest, simply when the body needs food to follow the day.

It is important to know each other and to know when we need energy through food and not when it is stipulated or routine.

We want to propose some very simple cream cheese toasts, which you can have for breakfast or afternoon snack and even take to work to eat when you want as a snack.

How we prepare toasts


  • Rye or whole wheat toast
  • Spreadable cheese cream
  • Blue cheese
  • A spoonful of milk
  • Nuts or any other nut you like
  • Salt and pepper


The preparation of these toasts is very easy and as we mentioned before it is a snack that you can take away from home to eat when you want.

It is important to opt for a good bread, we like very much the rye or its integral defect.

To prepare the cream cheese you only need a container of spreadable cheese, we advise you to look at the ingredients of the package, because sometimes many additives or preservatives are added that are not advisable for your health.

We can add a little blue cheese to give more intensity, if we like the strong flavor of this type of cheese, a little milk, salt and pepper to taste.

Mix the ingredients well until you obtain a paste that is easy to spread and with all the ingredients well integrated.

If you prepare it at home you only have to spread it on the very hot toasts and add the nuts or chopped nuts on the surface, and if you like the sweet touch you can add a touch of honey.

If you have to leave home you can take the mixture in a tuper and try to keep it cold to keep it better, you only have to spread the bread at the time of eating and add the nuts.

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