Crabs: properties and benefits

crab properties He shellfish It is considered a delicious product from a gastronomic point of view, highly valued by the best chefs and even by a large number of people (for example, lunches or dinners based on a delicious Mariscada ).

But from a nutritional point of view we must also assess the main properties that seafood brings us , especially rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Of course, we must be careful not to consume too much, since it can be a cause of levels of high uric acid .

If you are looking for a low fat seafood we can choose the crab , a seafood that only contributes 90 calories per 100 grams, and which stands out precisely for its nutritional benefits.

Benefits of the crab

Although there are more than 5,000 species of saltwater and freshwater crabs, the vast majority are characterized precisely because they provide us with the same benefits and properties .

As we indicated in the previous lines, the crab is an ideal seafood in slimming diets , thanks especially to your low fat and therefore in calories.

With regard to its mineral wealth , highlights above all its high content of selenium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Meanwhile in vitamins we must emphasize its content in vitamin C.

benefits crabs

Although little known, the crab provides an essential amino acid called L-tyrosine, especially useful for enhancing mental capacity.

It also stands out for being a food rich in proteins, so many that even contributes a similar amount in proteins that the veal , so it is ideal for those people who follow a vegetarian diet.

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