Corn, beneficial energy for health

He corn it is, together with wheat, one of the most important cereals of the American continent; place where, by the way, it has been consumed for approximately more than 6,000 years.


Not surprisingly, it is interesting to note that, thanks to this food, many of the oldest indigenous civilizations managed to survive every year, thanks to its cultivation and subsequent consumption.

For all the indicated, and as we can come to suppose, many -and important- are the benefits and properties of corn , which stands out from the start because it does not contain gluten, being an ideal food for those with celiac .

Benefits and properties of corn

Thanks to its energetic virtues, the consumption of corn is especially interesting for all those people who practice sports, and in the end they need to provide a lot of energy, which is digested quickly.

Corn is the only cereal in which we find beta carotene, at the same time it provides fibers, carbohydrates, and a very interesting amount of vitamins from group B (in particular B1 and B3).

For this main reason, corn helps metabolize fats much faster, while improving intestinal transit (ideal in cases of constipation), and reducing the high cholesterol .

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