Cooking with pot: healthy and healthy

In previous articles we were able to know in what way cook with wok , knowing that it is a healthy alternative to cooking food, mainly when preparing delicious and delicious scrambled.


While is true that cook with wok It is a practice not as widespread in the West as in oriental countries such as China (the country from where it traditionally comes from), popularly in Spain one of the ways to make meals is cook with pot .

Mainly because cook with pots It is a not only healthy and healthy way to cook, but fast. The first step in this aspect, for example, was given by pressure cookers, while now they almost seem to make a hole in the kitchen called ultra-fast pots.

The advantages of cooking with pots

Foods tend to talk about all their properties and their important nutritional values, since one of their main strengths is the short time of cooking to which they are subjected.

As you will surely imagine, this way you avoid the loss of nutrients in many of the foods that we cook.

What foods do the pots serve?

Especially for foods such as vegetables, vegetables , vegetables, rices and meats of any kind.

However, it is not convenient to cook fish, since they are done very quickly.

As a general rule, the pots are fast and very easy to use, so the only precautionary measure that should be followed are the cooking times indicated by the manufacturer.

This is so, because when the cooking time is exceeded, the stew loses properties, and there is a notable deterioration in the nutritional value of the ingredients.

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