Cooking food in a healthy way

There are times when a food becomes fattened -in its greatest measure- more or less depending on how it is cooked , since in the different ingredients or form of cooking that we use, they will have more or Less fat .


Generally, it is always better to cook food, although we should never do it in excess. For example, when we cook any food tends to take advantage of the cooking period to be highly nutritious, as for example can be the preparation of a vegetable soup.

In these cases, it is best to cook it always using a lid for the cauldron or casserole, in this way we will get it to condense and not lose all its flavor.

Another option is not to resort to battered or to fried , since they are two of the less dietetic and healthy methods, since they tend to get fatter than all of them.

But if we can not avoid frying certain foods, we must pay special attention to certain issues that will help us that fried or breaded foods can be more or less healthy.

One of them is to avoid using oils too hot, as it tends to denature the fatty acids in the food. At this point, it is better to use olive oils , sunflower or soy, but never mix them.

In case we want to reuse the oil, we must filter them beforehand, since in this way we eliminate the residues of already fried foods.

Healthy cooking methods

Once arrived at this point, it is evident that it is fundamental to keep in mind which are the most healthy cooking methods from a nutritional point of view.

It is true that, occasionally, it is not at all harmful to health to eat fried or battered dishes. Above all it is usual to use these options when we do not have much time, especially pre-cooked foods. However, we repeat that this should only be occasional.

The cooking method It will depend on the food we are going to cook. Thus, for example, to prepare meat and fish we can cook them steamed or grilled, while vegetables can be prepared in their juice in the form of steam, or in a large pan with water.

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