Contraindications of cashew nuts

contraindications-cashews Although cashew nuts (discover more about the different properties of cashews ) are some nuts extremely healthy and with great nutritional power, it is true that in certain circumstances its consumption is contraindicated.

Consumed regularly (that is, a handful of cashews a day) are ideal against the levels of high cholesterol , thanks to its content of unsaturated fatty acids, able to reduce the levels of bad LDL cholesterol and increase the good HDL cholesterol.

This means that they are extremely heart-healthy nuts, able to protect the heart, which in turn reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, such as heart attack or angina.

But like any other food, there are certain contraindications that we need to know when we think about starting to consume handful of cashews every day.

Main contraindications of cashew nuts

The consumption of cashew nuts It is especially contraindicated in the following situations:

  • When the person has a delicate stomach.
  • Its use is not recommended in young children.
  • It can cause allergy.
  • Some people may be intolerant to cashew nuts.

In any case, to improve the digestion of these nuts and that their consumption is not negative for our health, we must pay special attention to the following basic tips:

  • It is not appropriate to consume a lot of cashews, since at certain times they can be very difficult to digest.
  • It is convenient to chew them well.

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