Consuming fresh foods: health benefits

We live in a moment in which the existence of both processed foods and frozen food puts in danger in consumption of fresh foods .


And is that the fresh foods They come to be unprocessed products, preserve or manipulate. For this reason, many are the experts in the world of health who recommend following a vital rule of nutrition: consume fresh, and if possible local (from the place where we live).

To a certain extent this recommendation is understandable, given that if the food we consume is fresh, we will ensure a supply of quality nutrients in quantity.

For example, if it is a biological preservation, there is no doubt that it will eliminate the risk of chemical, anti-lubricant and chemical additives in them. preservatives .

Benefits of consuming fresh foods

As we have briefly mentioned, one of the main benefits of fresh foods is that we will ensure quality nutrients and, above all, quantity.

Not in vain, tend to be the best option to provide energy to the brain, helping to preserve memory in perfect condition.

This is so because, for example, the fresh foods they help create neurotransmitters that bring antioxidant benefits, prevent alterations in mood by controlling even the presence of some neurotoxic substances in the brain, and help to memorize by increasing the production of energy in neurons.

One way to buy fresh food is to go to a food fair or market in our town, where there are products directly brought from their place of origin, without being manipulated.

Among the most important examples of types of food that use fresh foods as the daily basis of the diet, the most important foods ecological and the vegetarian food .

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