Consequences of sugar abuse

When we prepare a coffee, a smoothie, a juice or even an infusion or a tea, the most common is to sweeten them with refined sugar , commonly known by the popular name of White sugar . In fact, it becomes the sugar that most nutritionists, endocrinologists and dentists fight, since its consumption tends to be quite negative for our health.

consequences abuse sugar

It is a sweetening option widely used when preparing homemade desserts and sweets, mainly for its sweetening power. Although it is true that, the healthiest, it would be to opt for other sweeteners more recommended from a nutritional and health point of view, as is the case of the honey or of whole cane sugar .

Be that as it may, we must always keep in mind the consequences of sugar abuse , because if we take them into account, we may be aware of their risk, and therefore reduce their consumption.

Refined sugar and weight gain

From the beginning we must bear in mind that the refined sugar is easy to digest , which means that it tends to be easily digested, quickly passing into the blood, releasing a hormone called insulin, which transforms sugar into fat.

This hormone quickly removes it from circulation, which in turn causes a hypoglycemia (lack of sugar), which causes certain consequences, such as nervous tension, irritability, drowsiness and headache.

Hence, refined sugar is considered an unnecessary food in our diet, given that following a balanced diet we find in many foods sugars that turn white sugar into unnecessary sugar.

Taking into account that sugar goes quickly into circulation and is converted into fat, it is evident that an abusive consumption causes weight gain, which in case of not being burned becomes in turn overweight and obesity.

Refined sugar and diabetes

It has been found that the abusive consumption of refined sugar causes the appearance of diabetes , especially in those people already genetically predisposed (for example, in people whose parents or grandparents had diabetes).

Therefore, those with this type of predisposition should limit or even avoid the consumption of refined sugar, opting for other sweeteners such as whole cane sugar or honey (although they should not abuse their consumption either).

The increase in dental caries

It is known that refined sugar is one of the biggest enemies of our teeth , as advocated by many dentists, who become the leading medical specialists who try to combat the consumption of this food product.

Mainly because its consumption, above all its abusive consumption, tends to cause dental caries , especially if after washing they do not wash their teeth quickly.

Other consequences of refined sugar abuse

He abusive consumption of refined sugar tends to cause other consequences or causes certainly dangerous to our health. And it is that the following consequences have been verified:

  • Atherosclerosis and increased cases of cholesterol and high triglycerides.
  • Infertility in women.

Therefore, it is preferable eliminate or reduce the consumption of refined sugar and opt for other nutritionally healthier alternatives, such as honey or whole cane sugar.

Image | Uwe Hermann

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