Consequences and effects of sedentary lifestyle

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, it is understood sedentary lifestyle to attitude that the sedentary person carries , who usually leads a lifestyle lacking agitation or mobility.

sedentary consequences

In other words, sedentary people maintain low physical activity , so that they do not tend to practice physical exercise and only limit themselves to move what is strictly necessary (when they go to work, when they go out on the street or when they have to do homework).

Taking into account that sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity, a wide variety of studies have shown that, as a general rule, most sedentary people tend to follow an unhealthy lifestyle ( the most common is that they usually eat badly and also in large quantities).

The practice of physical exercise is fundamental for our health, insofar as the benefits of the exercise They are interesting to enjoy good health.

Main consequences of sedentary lifestyle

  • Overweight and obesity : physical exercise, or at least stay physically active, is extremely useful when it comes to preventing overweight and obesity, since it helps our body burn those calories and fats that it does not need. Therefore, when a person is not active, it is usual to eat more calories than your body actually consumes, with the consequent increase in body weight.
  • Propensity to certain diseases : this lack of physical activity also increases the risk of suffering certain cardiovascular and coronary diseases equally related to weight gain. They emphasize diabetes above all, arterial hypertension and heart attacks.
  • Joint pain and contractures Due to the loss of muscle mass and strength, sedentary lifestyle tends to cause joint pain and contractures in the back and waist.
  • Low mood : although it is true that physical exercise helps to increase our mood and our self-esteem, it is obvious to think that, with a sedentary lifestyle, practically the opposite occurs. In fact, it is common for sedentary people to feel more tired and discouraged, and not even feel comfortable with their own body.

How to prevent sedentary lifestyle?

Taking into account that sedentary lifestyle is the lack of physical activity, it is essential to be clear that an interesting option for prevent sedentary lifestyle It is precisely the practice of physical exercise.

In case, for example, we are not very used to practicing a physical activity on a regular basis, it is best to start doing it little by little.

Just start walking at a moderate pace 15 minutes the first week, and then increase to 30 minutes, then gradually increase the time to reach 1 hour (or even the time that our body allows us).

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