The main mistakes when dieting and how to avoid them

Some time ago, we echoed some of the fundamental questions to know Why do diets fail , knowing that, for example, now hundreds and hundreds of sites of dubious specialization or legitimacy that they publish tend to proliferate in the network subsistence allowance which can be harmful to health.

But there are also a series of common mistakes that occur at the time of dieting, and that in one way or another, prevent this loss of weight and that the slimming diet be good and, therefore, positive for health.

Not in vain, and as we discussed at the time, follow a balanced diet to lose weight It is the best way to ensure that, with the passing of days, we can lose weight, especially if it is combined with exercise, if possible daily.

Common mistakes when dieting

Common mistakes when dieting, what are they?

For all this, especially if you are currently following a diet of weight loss, it is very interesting to discover a little more about what are the main errors:

Follow an unbalanced and inadequate diet

Some of the leading experts in nutrition and dietetics influence the importance of adapt the diet according to the energy needs of each person.

This is so, because it is not the same diet that needs to lose weight but is sitting most of the day, that one that has a job that requires activity, physical movement.

In addition, it is essential that the diet has been prepared individually and personally by a dietitian, who will attend to various personal issues, such as weight, height, physical complexion, activity we do every day ... That is, it is not worth following any diet we find on the Internet , or that a friend gives us on paper. It must have been personalized.

Eliminate foods that are actually healthy

There are many people who eliminate food from the diet thinking that they get more fat, and yet it is an inaccurate decision, since in reality there is nothing forbidden, except of course there are unhealthy foods such as industrial bakery, junk food or fast and very fried or fat. That is, the solution is mainly in those much lighter, healthier and healthier preparations.

For example, the consumption of certain fruits (such as bananas or avocados) is usually eliminated because they are thought to be very caloric. However, its nutritional benefits make up for its supposedly high energy contribution. What's more, while the avocado is very rich in healthy fats, the banana provides energy and magnesium.

Not knowing how to combine food

It is also extremely important combine food well , since in many occasions we consume carbohydrates and forget about proteins or lipids, or vice versa.

Why do diets fail

So, why do the most popular diets fail?

Here we echo some of the most popular diets and the points where they fail:

  • Miracle diets . They are based on absurd proposals and pseudoscientific ideas such as, for example, what food to take according to our horospoco or even our blood group, or even "promise" a rapid reduction of weight even though this, in a healthy and healthy way , it's almost impossible. The result is derived just after the end of the diet, since the lost weight is always recovered and, in addition, the health of those who have followed it is put at serious risk.
  • Dissociated diets . They are mainly based on the fact that carbohydrates should not be combined with proteins in the same meals, and as a counterpart, they do not limit the amount of fat that can be taken. The result is an increase in cholesterol, nutritional imbalances, an increase in weight produced by the high consumption of foods rich in fat, and serious health problems.
  • Restrictive diets . Without any doubt, this type of diet is the worst, since they advocate limit quantities. This is, unless food, supposedly, more thinness, and it is imperative to count the calories we eat daily. The final result is very dangerous, given that the body goes through fasts of several hours constantly, which then result in attacks of hunger, which favors the abandonment of the diet and weight gain (yoyo effect). The most dangerous, in addition to the comments, is the elimination of certain food groups, which can lead to health problems.

Tips so that your diet does not fail

6 useful tips so that your diet does not fail

In addition to trying to follow the diet of weight loss that our dietitian has indicated, we must also pay attention to those other errors that can negatively influence that we maintain it correctly. Take note:

  1. Avoid weighing yourself every day: Although it is something tremendously tempting, and that you can actually do in a few seconds, it is a complete mistake. You know why? Fundamentally because if we climb each day on the scale we will end up not seeing the evolution, so we tend to leave the diet thinking that it is not serving at all. The best? Try to weigh yourself every 15 days.
  2. Do not follow any diet: A weight loss diet, to be effective, must be elaborated and prescribed by a nutritionist or dietitian, who has carried out it personally and individually according to our current situation.
  3. Get away from the miracle diets: Forget those diets that assure you you will lose a lot of weight in a very short time. In addition to being impossible, it is quite likely that these are not well balanced, being able to suffer deficits of proteins, carbohydrates, fats or proteins.
  4. Do not skip any food: It is a common mistake to think that by skipping a meal we will tend to lose weight faster. On the contrary, if we skip any food (especially breakfast or dinner), we will only make our metabolism slow down, so that it will cost us to lose much more weight.
  5. Do not give up on fats or carbohydrates: You have the completely wrong belief that fats are bad, and that not eating carbohydrates helps you lose weight. On the contrary, while fats are fundamental for the proper functioning of our body (if we opt primarily for healthy fats). In addition, carbohydrates are essential for our body.
  6. Practice regular physical exercise: Physical exercise is fundamental, especially away from sedentary lifestyle and try to maintain a lifestyle as active as possible. Just walk, cycle, run or swim at least 30 minutes every day.

As we see, although it is very common and normal to make mistakes when dieting, knowing what they are and identifying them will help us in a very positive way when it comes to avoiding them. And remember something fundamental: weight loss should be done progressively and gradually over time. It is very important to be patient and maintain consistency.

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