Clearblue, Contraception Monitor

There are many ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy when you are not yet ready to be a mother. clearblue

On the contrary there are other reliable methods that are used to have desired pregnancies taking into account the menstrual cycle of women.

The most used contraceptive methods are condoms, the daily pill and even the morning-after pill, although this should not be used as a contraceptive but as a last option when the contraceptive method used has failed or has not been used on any special occasion.

We want to mention a new product that has been manufactured for many women who want to stop taking the pill because of the amount of side effects involved or want to stop using the condom in other cases.

Clearblue, what is it? and How is it used?

Clearblue is a device created as a totally natural contraceptive method that monitors the hormonal changes in the urine to identify the days that are likely to become pregnant even with protection.

This method is free of any side effects, as it does not contain any medication and is very easy to use.

This contraception monitor will show you through a touch screen on the right days to have sex in green and on less suitable days in red.

Through the rods that the monitor contains, it detects the hormones in the urine that will indicate when you can maintain unprotected relationships in green and with protection in red.

The reliability of this type of contraceptive method is 94% as long as it is used correctly, bearing in mind that Clearblue does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs or HIV)

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