Norway lobster: properties and benefits

Norway lobster properties He shellfish It is a food characteristic of the sea that is characterized as an extremely healthy food product, especially rich in minerals and mostly low in fat.

Although we must be very careful when abusing their consumption, given that this food (to be rich in purines ) may cause an increase in the levels of high uric acid in blood. Therefore, moderate consumption of any type of seafood is recommended.

With regard to the different properties that they provide, and on previous occasions we have talked about the oysters , the scallops , he crab and the clams . But this time it's the turn of the delicious and magnificent Norway lobster .

Benefits of Norway lobster

The Norway lobster they are a type of seafood quite similar to Locust . In fact, they tend to have many things in common, such as that from a nutritional point of view they have a characteristic sweet taste.

In the case of Norway lobster , They are saltwater crustaceans with a characteristic bright pink color, which can in fact become an excellent companion or a good substitute for prawns .

From a nutritional point of view, its mineral richness stands out (among which we find potassium, selenium, magnesium and calcium), as well as in vitamins (vitamin E and vitamin B12).

As with the crab, the lobsters stand out because they are low in calories and saturated fats , so they become a healthy food that can be consumed in weight loss diets.

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