Christmas cleansing diet

As we have already tried from Natursan On many occasions, Christmas , besides being a nice moment to share with the family and to enjoy delicious Christmas recipes , is characterized because during parties We tend to eat more than usual.


That is why they are produced differently excesses that can affect our diet Y our health , especially if we do not want gain weight at Christmas .

Whether you "spend" eating during the Christmas dinner or even the New Year's Eve dinner (in addition to the typical Christmas meals company or with friends), we show you below a diet that will help us to purify our body after the excesses.

You will see that, with her, you will feel much less the next day.

  • Breakfast
    We can start the day by taking a good Green Tea (or even opt for White tea ), and then combine it with a delicious orange juice or fruit itself.
    The infusions of dandelion or add-ons artichoke can you help us purify our liver , which is the main organ that suffers Christmas excess .
    Breakfast should be as relieved as possible so as not to overload even more our stomach.
  • lunch
    A very good recommendation is to opt for salads, so that we will eat what is necessary to not feel hungry but, after all, it will not be heavy for our stomachs.
    A piece of fruit and, finally, a green tea or an infusion.
  • Dinner
    At this time of the day we can also choose either a salad itself or a fruit salad (papaya, lemon, or apple have depurative properties for example), and end the day by taking an infusion of passiflora or melissa that will help us rest well throughout the night.

Healthy tips for December 25

  • Remember to drink a lot of water, something that is added to the water content that we will take with salads, fruits and infusions.
  • The ideal is to choose simple dishes that are not heavy, since they consist basically of a bland diet so as not to overload our digestive system .

Healthy tips for January 1

  • We can also follow the Christmas purifying diet that we have given you throughout this article, being able to choose also for the dandelion and artichoke .
  • If you have hangover , so usual on January 1 for having drunk too much on December 31, it is best to drink water and citrus juices, or even pineapple juices or tomatoes. Also take soups and fruit is a good choice.

Christmas healthy in Natursan

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