Cherimoya: benefits and properties

Cherimoya Properties Considered one of the most exquisite tropical fruits that exist, the custard apple It is a fruit with a flavor as delicate as its aroma, standing out precisely for its sweet taste.

But to be able to enjoy not only its flavor at its most optimal point, but also the different properties of the cherimoya , it is essential that it is well matured. And how to recognize when it is at its optimum point of maturation? When your skin is blackened, which will yield to the touch when we squeeze it.

Of course, we must bear in mind that although it is a tropical fruit , we can only find it with the arrival of autumn until the beginning of spring.

Although we can buy it already mature, it is also useful to buy it green, being able to let it mature at home for a few days. Of course, to get it, it must be out of the fridge.

Once inside, we find a creamy white pulp and some black seeds.

Benefits of cherimoya

Like most fruits (except coconut or avocado), is an ideal food in weight loss diets , thanks above all to your low fat .

cherimoya benefits

Is very rich in water and carbohydrates , and stands out mainly for its important nutritional values : brings a variety of minerals Y Group B vitamins .

In addition, being very rich in vitamin C is useful at the time of increase defenses and to maintain the levels of immune and immunological defense of our organism at optimum levels.

If you liked this note and you are interested in knowing more about the nutritional contribution of fruits, we advise you to continue reading about the benefits of fruits .

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