Gardener children: teaching the values ​​of nature

In this technological age we have moved a little away from our mother earth. Few are already those who know how to harvest, water or treat our allies plants. This fact causes our children to ask the question: "Where do apples come from? Answer very firmly: From the supermarket!

At school the children are taught the origin of the food, how it should be treated, how to plant, etc. However, it goes without saying that experience is the best of learning and that which makes them more lasting.

Why children should have their own garden

The gardening activities help us to teach our son an infinity of knowledge. From responsibility to physical and psychological development. Throughout this article we will see some aspects that can be very beneficial for our children and that we can work through gardening.

Advantages of children having their own garden and garden

Eating healthy

Many times fruits and vegetables become bitter enemies of our children. Knowing the importance and necessity of their consumption throughout life, but especially during the years of child development, gardening is a good way to introduce these foods little by little and create a taste for them.

It does not mean the same to go to the supermarket and buy a tomato, to plant a few seeds of tomatoes, water them and see how little by little we have a tomato seed. This tomato will be the product of the care of our son's plant, he is fond of it, he has seen it grow, so why not try the tomato that he offers me. The fruit therefore becomes a reward for the work done and will not hesitate to try it at least.

The time together

The tasks of caring for a living being, in this case a plant, take time. Prepare the place, bring the soil, place the seeds, prepare the fertilizer, water, etc. These moments can become moments of quality with the family. All have the same objective, that the plant flourishes or brings out fruits, and all the members of the family are put to it.


In this way we can take our children (and often ourselves) off the electronic devices and enjoy the family, the sun and give quality to our time together.

Developing new knowledge

Gardening at the beginning will be a bit difficult to explain to our children and we should always adapt our language. Little by little we will see how their curiosities lead us to much more complex explanations and that they will develop their knowledge and interest in nature.

Everything will start with "this is a seed" and when we realize our son will ask us for information about photosynthesis, the reproduction of plants and different types of weather. Probably the first time we do not have the answers, but let's take advantage of that curiosity to learn together and continue to show our world to our son.

Discovering how the world works

The fact of observing nature is a simple act to the naked eye, but observing its operation is not so simple. The opportunity provided by gardening is wonderful to understand nature.

Our child will learn the necessary substances for a living being to be born and live, discover those insects that are beneficial for certain plants, those that are not, what are the reactions of plants to an invader, etc. In summary, you can learn about how an ecosystem is formed.


I am responsible for a living being

In the same way that pets make our children responsible for their health, the plants also fulfill this mission. Our son will know that it will be necessary to irrigate the plant "x" times per week, that it will be necessary to put fertilizer, let it take sun without allowing it to burn ...

Knowing in advance all these things, when our plant takes out flowers or small fruits our son will know that it has been his own success.

Promoting movement and physical activity

Gardening also helps us move the body, be agile and develop various skills. It is not necessary that we have a large garden or that we are the best gardeners, but tasks such as sweeping, tilling, fertilizing, transplanting, digging, watering, etc. they make us have to move and stay in shape. Our son will also find comforting to do physical activities if he has us as an example.

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