Childhood anemia: causes and symptoms

Some months ago our colleague Fausto Ramírez talked to us about anemia and lack of iron , knowing what the anemia produced by the appearance of iron deficiency .


We know that the iron It is one of the fundamental mineral salts for all good functioning of the organism, playing a very important role in the formation of the hemoglobin contained in red blood cells, in numerous enzymes indispensable for the correct functioning of the organism , and in the formation of myoglobin of the muscles.

However, it is estimated that half of children under three suffer from childhood anemia , understood by the decrease in hemoglobin below the limits that are considered normal according to the age and sex of the boy or girl.

Causes of childhood anemia

Although as many experts indicate, childhood anemia can have several justifications, cause Mainly in most cases it is due to a certainly insufficient intake of iron in the diet, causing deficit.

The growth of the smallest implies an increase in the volume of both blood and muscle, which is why the needs of this mineral tend to increase.

There are also other nutrients that can cause childhood anemia , such as the deficit of folic acid and / or vitamin B12, causing a type of anemia that has to do with an alternation in DNA synthesis.

Main symptoms

Among some of the symptom Anemic children tend to depend mainly on the severity of the disease, so that, for example, in mild cases the symptoms are somewhat non-specific, but in somewhat more advanced stages they may undergo cardiorespiratory changes.

In addition, iron deficiency can even cause learning difficulties, so that childhood anemia can negatively affect a possible school failure.

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