Chewing gums and oral health

Usually there are doubts about Chewing gums and oral health , Mainly due to an almost fundamental question: It is not recommended the consumption of goodies for the health of our teeth .

Chewing gum-oral health

Why? Especially because their high sugar content predisposes them to a higher risk of Tooth decay , In addition to its caloric content, which in no way helps within the monitoring of any healthy and balanced diet.

However, it seems that dentists are beginning to become"friends"of chewing gums ; Or rather, of the Sugarless chewing gum .

Sugar-free gum and oral health

There is no doubt that chewing gum is positive for our oral health, since it helps us Increase saliva production , Which acts as a natural agent to clean our teeth and neutralize certain acids produced by bacteria.

But the Sugarless chewing gum If they are recommended, even more those that have been sweetened with an element called Xylitol , able to Inhibit the growth of bacteria , Among which the streptococcus (Main cause of the deterioration of our teeth).

Steps to enjoy the benefits of sugar-free gum

So that our mouth can benefit from the main virtues that contribute us the Sugarless chewing gum , It is advisable Chew 2 chewing gums at the same time, for at least 5 minutes, 1 or 2 times a day .

We must not forget something fundamental: excessive consumption of sugar-free gum can have a laxative effect.

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