Charcoal: benefits and properties

charcoal He charcoal It is considered a useful remedy in case of digestive problems, as long as it is consumed as a dietary supplement and, obviously, does not replace the follow-up of a varied and balanced diet.

It is considered even as the most interesting natural adsorbent, a quality that allows it to attract and retain on the surface of one body ions or molecules of another, being able to fix on its surface toxins, gases, bacteria and other substances not beneficial to our body .

For this reason, many health specialists advise their use when there is poisoning or food poisoning.

Where and how is the charcoal obtained?

He charcoal (also known by the name of active charcoal ) is obtained from coconut , carbonizing its shell. It also tends to start from other vegetable coals, such as peat or wood, and is dehydrated, carbonized and activated.

The process followed is as follows: dehydration and carbonization are carried out by heating the coal slowly out of contact with the air, and is subjected to the action of a mixture of gases or an oxidizing agent and water vapor at a temperature no higher of 1,000ºC.

Benefits of charcoal

As we indicated at the beginning of this note, as a dietary supplement it helps punctually when it comes to reducing gases (its consumption being interesting in the case of aerophagia).

In case of intestinal fermentations caused by a high consumption of sugars, charcoal helps reduce bad breath.

It is also interesting in case of acute diarrhea, helping to calm it down.

How to use charcoal?

Its consumption is not advised together with food, since its adsorbent quality prevents our body from taking advantage of its different essential nutrients.

To really be effective, it is best to eat it several times a day, two hours before each meal and only accompanied by water.

Side effects of charcoal

Its side effects are mostly mild and transient. Although when consumed in a prolonged way it causes problems in the digestive system, for that reason only its consumption is advised in a punctual way.

It can cause some adverse reactions, such as constipation or vomiting.

charcoal benefits

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