Chamomile: good for the stomach

benefits-camomile The chamomile It is a plant that, for thousands of years, has been popularly used for its different therapeutic virtues, which - each one of them - are extremely important and outstanding.

The good thing about this plant is that it can not only be used externally, but also internally, since it is not toxic neither for our organism in general nor for our organs.

For example, and as we will know in detail in this article about the benefits of chamomile , externally, chamomile It is good for reducing inflammation or treating dandruff, while internally it is ideal for cases of heavy digestion or stomach pain.

Properties of chamomile

Benefits of chamomile through internal use

  • Protective and repair of the gastric membrane, so it is useful in cases of heavy or difficult digestion, also helping against gas and to reduce stomach pain.
  • It contains choline, which helps to eliminate fats from the blood, being useful to prevent arteriosclerosis and reducing the high cholesterol .
  • The virtues of chamomile are known to help relax the organism, and as a sedative in cases of nervousness and insomnia.
  • Some scientific studies conducted today have shown that chamomile can help prevent cancer .

Benefits of chamomile through external use

  • Being rich in mucilages, it helps to repair skin conditions, its application being interesting in cases of acne, pimples, wounds, cuts or dermatitis, among others.
  • Used as a hair shampoo it helps to enjoy a softer and silky hair, and to combat the appearance of dandruff.
  • Useful to eliminate the fungi of the nails so much of the feet as of the hands.
  • Performing rinses several times a day can help treat toothache.

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