Cereals: benefits and properties

Cereal properties The cereals they are foods that have always been constituted as the basis of feeding in many peoples and cultures of the world, thanks to its ease of cultivation, preparation and its main nutritional properties , which provide essential nutrients for our daily diet.

We find fundamentally two types of cereals : on the one hand, seeds of grasses (such as wheat, oats, rice, barley or rye), while whole grains They are that they preserve their bark (which in turn provide more vitamins and minerals).

Its interior is formed mainly by starch, which in turn is coated by protein-rich capable. Also, in its external part we find bran, while in one of its extremes we find the germ, which is extremely rich in vitamins (especially vitamins of group B, E) and iron.

An optimal way to enjoy most of the benefits of cereals that these contribute to us is from their raw consumption (previously cooked), since when flour is prepared, the bran and germ tend to be suppressed.

Benefits of cereals

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals .
  • They provide energy .
  • Low in fat , so that they are ideal within a balanced diet (and also in weight loss diets).
  • They help to balance the level of sugar in the blood .
  • Thanks to its fiber content help to fight constipation .
  • Improve the general condition of the skin, nails and hair .
  • Useful in the treatment of different digestive and stomach disorders .

Nutritional benefits of cereals

Among other aspects, cereals provide the following nutritional elements:

    • High fiber content .
    • High content of vitamins and minerals .
    • Rich in carbohydrates and proteins .
    • Rich in water .

Benefits cereals

Benefits according to the type of cereal

  • Benefits of oats
  • Benefits of oat bran
  • Benefits of buckwheat
  • Benefits of bran
  • Benefits of brown rice
  • Benefits of barley

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