Exercises for the heart: benefits and which are the best

One of the causes that cause a greater number of deaths throughout the year in both men and women has a special relationship, either directly or indirectly, with those referred to as cardiovascular diseases.

To prevent this type of diseases, it is best to opt for a healthy lifestyle, in which a daily life is maintained. healthy food , as well as the practice of exercise in a certainly habitual way, moving away as far as possible from harmful habits such as tobacco or alcohol, and generally adopt a healthy but active life.

Many are the benefits of the exercise . Not in vain, is one of the best options at the time of preventing the occurrence of this type of disease, and even fight against them in case they have already appeared.

Why sport is so good at maintaining a healthy heart

While it is true that physical exercise is essential when it comes to enjoying good health in general, it is even more true that, for our hearts, it would provide even more benefits. Why? Mainly for something very simple: Physical exercise, practiced regularly and moderately, helps positively improve our cardiovascular health .


Among other important aspects, physical exercise helps strengthen the heart and increase the thickness of the myocardium , helping the heart muscle to get stronger and bigger. In addition, the heart fiber of this muscle grows, so that the heart is able to pump more blood.

On the other hand, stimulates the growth of capillaries in the myocardium , which consist of small blood vessels of some importance at the time that the heart can pump blood. In this way, physical exercise helps improve the health of our cardiovascular system.

In addition, practicing physical exercise regularly helps to prevent certain diseases and pathologies that can affect the health of the heart directly or indirectly. On the one hand, it is capable of reduce the high levels of LDL cholesterol , at the same time that decreases and controls high blood pressure .

Exercise to care for and protect the heart

Numerous studies have shown -and verified scientifically- that practicing 60 minutes a day of exercise helps not only to enjoy a much healthier and healthier life, but also to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The best physical exercise for the heart

Some experts indicate that even 30 minutes a day can help tremendously positively.

In this sense, you can choose the type of sport or exercise that you want and can practice, and above all, do not leave it aside.

In case it costs you, it is advisable to start practicing little by little. Walking with 10 to 15 minutes can be helpful. Then you can gradually increase the duration and practice time as the days go by.

But the important thing is to start doing it. Without any doubt, your body and above all your heart will thank you.

What are the best exercises for the heart?

There is no doubt that, the most appropriate thing is to practice cardiosaludable exercises , also known as cardiovascular, which means that, in order to follow and perform them, our heart must work. A good example are those known as aerobic exercises .

As its name suggests, are exercises in which our body needs oxygen for its realization. They are characterized by physical exercises of low intensity, but of a rather long duration.

The best exercises for the heart

And what, in short, are the most appropriate exercises for our heart? Below we indicate which are the most indicated:

  • Walk: It is the simplest and easiest physical exercise to practice and follow, and the one that in fact brings the most benefits to our particular heart and cardiovascular system in general. It is recommended to walk briskly, and do it every day for at least 30 minutes.
  • Run: Together with walking, running -or running- is another of the most appropriate physical exercises to take care of our heart. Of course, for your practice requires some practice, perseverance and, above all, be able to keep pace. However, as a negative point we could mention that, in the long term, after a regular practice in time can affect the health of our knees.
  • Swimming: It is an activity that, for its realization, does not need much effort, and in which we tend to use oxygen from our lungs (especially after carrying out each stroke).
  • Bicycle: Another cardio-healthy physical activity highly recommended for our heart, since in addition to increasing the blood flow in our arteries, it is able to reduce cholesterol and maintain a low blood pressure level.

As we have said, always the most appropriate is to practice aerobic or cardiovascular physical exercises, for at least 30 minutes once a day . In this way, we will get our heart to enjoy good health.

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