Take care of the gallbladder

take care of the vesicle In previous articles we have explained to you how we can purify the liver , one of the most important and fundamental organs of our body, mainly because it carries out a large number of essential functions for the proper functioning of our body.

In this sense, the vesicle It is a tiny organ that we found located under the liver, and has the shape of a pear.

Stores the bile produced by the liver , and it releases it to the duodenum so that it intervenes in the digestion process.

Take care of the gallbladder

One of the weak points of the vesicle passes through the formation of stones inside, pathology that is called cholelithiasis .

It can also be affected by infection, as well as by acute inflammation, which can be aggravated when the liver is also inflamed, and we suffer from fatty liver .

Although it is true that without this organ you can live perfectly, it is true that you will work better with it and you will not force your body to make an overexertion that, in reality, can make you sick.

Therefore, it is extremely useful take care of the gallbladder through diet. The best option is to opt for low-fat recipes, avoid tobacco and those foods that produce gases.

In addition, the elimination of alcohol from our diet is essential, although its consumption is sporadic.

Basic tips for gallbladder care

  • Follow a healthy diet, balanced and low in fat (but without removing the fat completely). It is essential that it be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, legumes and white meats.
  • Opt for healthier cooking methods, eliminating fried foods.
  • Practice physical exercise in a moderate and regular way.
  • Eat in moderation: fried foods, sausages, meats (especially pork), chocolate, butter, eggs and canned foods.
  • Opt for skimmed dairy.
  • Maintain an ideal weight, avoiding overweight and obesity.

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