Carbohydrates and physical exercise

carbohydrates-exercise The carbohydrates They become essential nutrients for our body, since in addition to feeding our nervous system it provides us with the energy that our body needs to function properly.

Within a balance diet and normal without any special physical requirement, carbohydrates should be 55%, but when the person practices physical exercise regularly or is a professional athlete, carbohydrates must represent 60% or 65% of the daily calories in the diet .

This increase occurs because a decrease in carbohydrates can cause a early fatigue , which appears as a consequence of a Muscle glycogen depletion or a hypoglycemia .

What types of carbohydrates are best in physical exercise?

When it comes to practicing physical exercise, as well as any healthy diet, the best carbohydrates are the complex carbohydrates , which we find especially in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

This is because these foods rich in complex carbohydrates They tend to be much more nutritious, and rich in essential nutrients, and lower in fat.

Of course, to not gain weight the key is in balance the consumption of calories with the expenditure of energy , so it is essential that the athlete progressively reduce the volume of training in the days before the competition, while controlling the amount of food consumed.

Image | Steven Wilke

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