Camilina: excellent diuretic

camilina-propiedades The camilina It is a small shrub that has become one of the most consumed plants in the world, although in a certain sense in our country (especially in some regions) it is not very well known.

This is due to its important medicinal properties , about which for some time now some scientists have been very interested in pursuing what exactly and precisely benefits of camilina .

Of course, in order to benefit from the properties of the camilina the young leaves must be kept, avoiding their fermentation, and can be taken as a tea.

Properties of the camilina

The camilina It is ideal in cases of both control and weight loss regimens, since it tends to stimulate and prolong the life of norepinephrine (which consists in extracting fats from cells and burning them), and decrease the assimilation of certain nutrients.

Among these nutrients, sugars and fats mainly through the intestine stand out.

In addition, camilina is a well-recognized stimulant of the central nervous system, which is why it is ideal in regimes that frequently cause debilitation.

It must be taken into account that, even, some studies suggest that taking caminiline decreases the high cholesterol .

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