Calories of wine

calories-wine There is no doubt that the came (especially the Red wine ) is the drink par excellence of the so-called Mediterranean diet . Not in vain, there is no doubt that it has become a true elixir for health, especially if consumed regularly but moderately (we must not forget that although healthy, it is an alcoholic beverage).

To put just one simple example, the came is recommended when trying to prevent cardiovascular diseases , thanks to its content in polyphenols , which also help when it comes to reducing high blood pressure.

But what are the calories of wine ? How many calories we find ourselves in a wine glass ?

How many calories do we find in a wine glass?

By the glass
Red table wine 75 kcal
Red wine reserve 80 kcal
Chamomile type wine 120 kcal
Pink wine 70 kcal
Sweet wine 160 kcal
Port wine 160 kcal
White table wine 68 kcal
Dry white wine 65 kcal

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