Calories from oils, sauces and dressings

How many calories do oils contribute?

Many nutritionists advise to reduce the consumption of oils, sauces and dressings, especially because their caloric content - and of fats - tends to be high. For example, in the particular case of sauces, we must bear in mind that these in turn can be made from a base of butter or oil, so they are considered highly caloric condiments.

But their energy contribution is not just one of the most negative aspects of sauces. There are also other elements such as a high content of sugar and / or salt, which can have a very negative influence on the fact that they tend to be condiments that are not very suitable for daily consumption.

On the opposite side we have the oils, which can provide us with adequate healthy fats to maintain an adequate cardiovascular health. This is the case of olive oil, whose moderate consumption is advised daily, since it is a type of oil with a high content of healthy fatty acids.

Therefore, since oils and sauces tend to increase significantly the caloric intake of dishes, if you are concerned about your diet, it is best to be clear about which ones contribute more calories or not, to know if we can consume them or not. Take note.

How many calories do the oils provide?

Calories of oils

Food Ration Calories (kcal) Kilojoule (kJ)
Wheat germ oil 100ml 929 kcal 3902 kJ
Salmon oil 100ml 911 kcal 3826 kJ
Argan oil 100ml 896 kcal 3763 kJ
Apricot kernel 100ml 889 kcal 3734 kJ
Sesame oil 100ml 889 kcal 3734 kJ
Rapeseed oil 100ml 884 kcal 3713 kJ
Sunflower oil 100ml 884 kcal 3713 kJ
Shea butter 100ml 884 kcal 3713 kJ
Grapeseed oil 100ml 884 kcal 3713 kJ
Almonds oil 100ml 882 kcal 3704 kJ
Palm oil 100ml 882 kcal 3704 kJ
Soybean / soybean oil 100ml 882 kcal 3704 kJ
Avocado oil / avocado 100ml 857 kcal 3599 kJ
Coconut oil 100ml 857 kcal 3599 kJ
Peanut oil / peanut 100ml 857 kcal 3599 kJ
Linseed oil 100ml 837 kcal 3515 kJ
Olive oil 100ml 800 kcal 3360 kJ

How many calories does the sauces bring?

How many calories do the sauces bring?

Food Ration Calories (kcal) Kilojoule (kJ)
Mayonnaise 100g 692 kcal 2906 kJ
Mustard sauce 100g 645 kcal 2709 kJ
Aioli 100g 623 kcal 2617 kJ
Hollandese sauce 100g 535 kcal 2247 kJ
Honey and mustard dressing 100g 464 kcal 1949 kJ
pesto 100g 458 kcal 1924 kJ
César sauce dressing 100g 429 kcal 1802 kJ
Bearnaise sauce 100g 414 kcal 1739 kJ
Balsamic vinegar dressing 100g 290 kcal 1218 kJ
Bechamel sauce 100g 225 kcal 945 kJ
Cream sauce 100g 180 kcal 756 kJ
Sweet and sour sauce 100g 179 kcal 752 kJ
Yogurt sauce 100g 171 kcal 718 kJ
Guacamole 100g 157 kcal 659 kJ
Barbecue sauce 100g 150 kcal 630 kJ
Vinaigrette 100g 120 kcal 504 kJ
Brave sauce 100g 1126 kcal 487 kJ
Bolognese sauce 100g 106 kcal 445 kJ
Ketchup 100g 100 kcal 420 kJ
Pink sauce 100g 81 kcal 340 kJ
Tabasco 100g 70 kcal 294 kJ
Pepper sauce 100g 47 kcal 197 kJ

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