Calories of nuts

Within that special guide that we started a few days ago about the calories of food , we have already known about the calories from oils, fats and sauces , and also of the calories from fruits .

calorie dried fruit

On this occasion we are going to deal with another very interesting question that will surely interest many of the readers of Natursan : What calories do many of the nuts What do we usually consume ?.

The nuts They are ideal within a healthy and balanced diet, and because they also help us to care for and protect the heart. Not in vain, there are many benefits and properties of nuts, as among other aspects, they reduce the level of bad cholesterol Y controls hypertension and the glucose .

They are healthy and very heart-healthy foods, which can be included in a healthy and balanced diet, as long as their consumption is moderate and never exaggerated, mainly due to the caloric content of most of these nuts.

From a nutritional point of view, to enjoy their nutritional benefits without its high caloric content is a problem for our weight, it is advisable eat 25 grams of nuts each day , no more no less.

The calories of nuts


588 kcal


430 kcal

Cashew nuts

570 kcal


645 kcal

Peanuts with salt (toasted)

480 kcal

Fried peanuts

570 kcal


195 kcal

Roasted chestnuts)

235 kcal


274 kcal

Figs (dry)

271 kcal


665 kcal


259 kcal


670 kcal

Pumpkin seeds

110 kcal

Sunflower seeds

583 kcal


599 kcal


571 kcal

Apricot apricots

260 kcal

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