Calories of beer

beer calories The beer , as with wine ( benefits of wine ) is a very healthy and natural drink that, although it contains alcohol (generally in a smaller amount than other alcoholic beverages that the only ones that contribute are empty calories), it contains a good variety of benefits and interesting properties for the organism.

While it is true that its alcohol content can lead to it containing a greater number of calories than if we opted for a alcohol-free beer (or for any other healthy and natural beverage), and although there is a mistaken belief that a person who is following a weight loss diet can not actually consume it, since it contains very little graduation it can be consumed in a moderate way to enjoy all your virtues

The beer It can be consumed within a balanced diet, thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals. However, due to its alcohol content, many nutritionists advise even opting for either non-alcoholic beers, or for the new 0.0 beers; which keep all the flavor of beer but do not have the 1% that beers have with alcohol.

Regarding whether it is advisable to drink beer when a diet of slimming is followed, due to the caloric content provided by a beer with alcohol, it is best to opt for the version without alcohol or the new 0.0.

Therefore, it may be useful to know how many calories we found in a beer .

Calorie content of beer

In the following lines we indicate how many kilocalories contribute a glass of beer depending on the variety of beer with alcohol (blonde of 5º and black of 8º), the version without alcohol and the new 0,0.

Per 100 g.

By glass or cane

Blonde (5th) 47 kcal 90 kcal
Black (8th) 69 kcal 112 kcal
Without alcohol (0.4º - 0.9º) 28 kcal 40 kcal
Beer 0,0 15 kcal 24 kcal

If you want more information you can read more about calories from beer without alcohol Y Beer without alcohol and beer 0,0 .

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