Calories of alcohol drinks

calorie alcohol Although they can be consumed throughout the year, the reality is that during Christmas is when there is an increase in the consumption of alcoholic drinks , and also in festive times or at specific parties (such as birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations ...).

From a nutritional and health point of view, the consumption of drinks with alcohol they are not recommended at all, since they not only contribute empty calories (being its nutritional content null), they are also harmful to our body.

Between the effects of alcohol we find that it affects the brain (damages brain cells irreversibly and changes the action of neurotransmitters), the liver (causes accumulation of fat, irritates liver cells, causes inflammation and can cause cirrhosis ), to the stomach (can cause ulcers, esophagitis, stomach cancer and stomach inflammation), to the pancreas (diabetes, peritonitis and acute pancreatitis), to the reproductive system (can cause impotence, infertility and disrupt the menstrual cycle), to the immune system ( causes a lack of white blood cells and increases the risk of bacterial and viral infections) and the blood itself (inhibition of red blood cells and white blood cells).

In addition to taking these effects into account, today we want to discover a little more about caloric content of alcoholic beverages :

Caloric content of alcoholic beverages

In the following lines we show you information about the kilocalories that provide certain alcoholic drinks, among which we find something healthier drinks such as wine or beer, and much less, such as martini, vodka, rum, cognac ...

The calories that we indicate below is for a glass of alcoholic beverage:


70 kcal

Blond beer

90 kcal

Black beer

112 kcal

Beer without alcohol (0.4º - 0.9º)

40 kcal


246 kcal


178 kcal


360 kcal


128 kcal


240 kcal


302 kcal

White wine

87 kcal

Red wine

81 kcal


300 kcal

Image | Mr. T in DC

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