Bulgur: benefits and properties

The one called as bulgur It is also known by the name of split wheat , highly consumed in the Middle East and Africa. It is not a different type of cereal, but its form of preparation is the one that differs from the usual way of elaboration.

bulgur benefits

Why? Fundamentally because when the grains of wheat are cooked they are dried on a grill and split, consisting of a technique that has been carried out in the East for centuries.

Depending on the wheat used, while depending on the grain used, we can find different types of bulgur.

Benefits of the bulgur

  • Wealth in starch : bulgur is a cereal especially rich in starch, as well as carbohydrates of high biological value, which makes it an interesting food for athletes.
  • Easy digestion : it is a good food for digestion, recommended for people with disorders or stomach problems, thanks to its easy digestibility.
  • Low fat content : its consumption in slimming diets is interesting, thanks above all to its low fat content, and therefore in calories.
  • Useful for cholesterol : due to its low fat content it can also be converted into an ideal cereal in diet reduction high cholesterol , thanks to the fact that it helps reduce it naturally.

Taking into account that the bulgur is made with wheat, for those people who are intolerant to this cereal can buy a variety of bulgur prepared with spelled.

If you want to prepare a delicious recipe based on bulgur, we recommend the recipe of bulgur wheat with tomatoes, olives and feta, by Isasaweis.

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