Brown sugar and white sugar: which fatter more?

He Brown sugar (also called black sugar or whole sugar ) is a sugar of sucrose as well as white or refined sugar, but which has a characteristic brown color, due mainly to the presence of molasses.


The molasses it comes to be, by the way, a thick and liquid product derived from sugar beet and sugar cane, which is obtained from the residue that remains in the different sugar extraction tanks.

This is what differentiates brown sugar from white sugar, since molasses is a product rich in carbohydrates , minerals such as magnesium, copper and iron, and Group B vitamins .

However, we must indicate that this product is in such a small proportion in brown sugar that they would have to consume large quantities in order to obtain a significant contribution of these very important nutrients for the body.

He White sugar , also known as common sugar, is a product that, at a chemical level, contains around 99% sucrose, obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beet.

Unlike brown sugar, the degree of refining for obtaining white sugar is so high that it does not contain any nutrient, and a large amount of sucrose, so that this sugar only provides energy.

Does brown sugar make less fat than white sugar?

If we consider the question of whether brown sugar is less fattening than white sugar, it should be taken into account that, in fact, brown sugar has fewer calories than white sugar: 100 grams of brown sugar contains about 375 calories, while white sugar contains 397 calories.

However, brown sugar tends to be packed with a higher density, which is why you can even have more calories if you measure these two sugars by their volume.

Of course, if we ask if brown sugar is healthier than white sugar, and at this point, we must respond positively, especially for the amount of nutrients it provides and that stood out at the beginning.

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